Our Mission

At BC Hive, we are focused on building our community and the businesses within it, and we have created a free platform to help local people find locally owned businesses (it doesn't cost a penny).

How We Help Our Local Businesses

We help local businesses by providing an effective online presence and network without costing them a penny. As time and funds progress, our goals will be to add other functionality that best boosts our community.

How We Help Idahoans

We help Idahoans by giving them an easy way to find locally owned businesses, products and services. Shopping local strengthens the Idaho economy, funnels money back into its schools and infrastructure and helps keep local money local.

How We Help Our Community

We help our community by bringing people together and having a heart for volunteering. Whether it's helping a business just starting out connect with new clients or volunteering to help serve breakfast to raise funds for our fire department, we love helping our community.

Our Commitment

•There will never be a way to pay for top results

•We will never ad-block your website or its content

•There will never be any hidden fees

•We will never send you or your customers spam

•BC Hive business and product listings will always be non-invasive for your customers

•We will always give notice before big updates go live

What Is Included

•A BC Hive listing for your business

•A functional webpage that showcases what your business offers

•Listings in our local search engine

•The ability to use our online shopping mall (Coming Soon!)




1.0 Launches (Dec. 2020)

This was a huge milestone for us, as it marked the first moments in which we could bring more traffic to Hive businesses.

800,000 Interactions Tracked Through BC Hive (Feb 2021)

Considering version 2.0 had not launched yet, and our search functionality at the time was still in beta, this was an incredible feat our community achieved.

2.0 Launches & 100 Businesses Reached (March 24, 2021)

This was one of the largest achievements for BC Hive to date, as it marked the rollout of our fully functioning tagging system, in which businesses can be successfully searched through BC Hive's interface.

Partnered with Honey Harvest Designs (April 2021)

Honey Harvest creates quality merchandise for small businesses at affordable rates, and donates a large portion of their profits to support BC Hive's mission.

Reached 250 Businesses (June 21, 2021)

This was incredibly exciting as in a short few months, we went from 100 businesses to 250.

Launched Online Shopping Mall & Hit 2 Million User Interactions (October 29, 2021)

Our goal is to provide a way for local businesses to sell their products online without charging a penny, and we are proud to have taken the next step toward that goal.

Integrating Local Businesses Into Online Shopping Mall

The next step in achieving our mission is to work with each BC Hive business and walk them through the process of adding their products.

Allow Users to Make Their Own Updates

Create or Partner with Delivery Company/System

Develop Free Posting Board for Customers Seeking Services

*As we achieve our goals and progress, we will update our future goals further. Stay tuned!*

To keep BC Hive completely free, we rely on donations.

If you would like to learn more about how we are funded, click here.

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