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Honey Harvest Designs

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Honey Harvest proudly donates all tips and 50% of all profits to BC Hive.


Honey Harvest works very hard to keep their prices as low as possible. They offer almost every business supply you could need. A few examples are:

500 Business Cards - $35

2' x 6' Banner - $45

5" x 5" Window Decal - $10


All prints are full-color and can be done on cotton or polyester and light or dark shirts. This includes 2 print areas.

Basic T-Shirt - $11.99

Other Shirts - $9.99 + cost of shirt

Tote Bag - $11.99

Graphic Design

All orders include up to 30 minutes of design work. Higher complexity graphic design is negotiated at a per hour rate. Their goal is to be as quick as possible.

Graphic Design - $39.99 per hour

The above prices are for small businesses. Please reach out to Honey Harvest directly for inquiries on personal orders.

We are extremely grateful for these partnerships. By using their services, you are both helping provide us with the funding to continue implementing features and saving money for yourself and other local businesses.

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