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We are extremely grateful for the contributions our community makes to support our goals. Below are options for donating that include gifts that represent our gratitude.

$25 Donation

To show our gratitude for your $25 donation to BC Hive, we will be sending you an "I Support My Local Businesses" shirt!

$100 Donation

To show our gratitude for your $100 donation, we will send you an "I Support My Local Businesses" hoodie or shirt and an insulated tumbler!

$200 Donation

This is a tax deductible $200 donation. As a thank you, you will receive an exclusive "BC Hive sponsor" t-shirt, a “support local businesses” car decal, and a mystery box filled with items from BC Hive local businesses.

BC Hive is a non-profit designed to help our community by making it easy to support locally owned businesses. We are run by a small team of developers who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of our community. Your donation will directly fund their work and BC Hive’s mission. To learn more about our mission, click here.

Thank you!
-Logan Robertson, President of BC Hive

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