About Us

What is BC Hive?

At BC Hive, we are focused on building our community and the businesses within it. We have created a free platform that local businesses can use to increase visibility in their community and get local goods and services to the people. Our interactive interface presents communities with their local businesses through means such as randomized front-page advertising, free websites built to convey their individual products and messages, and a simple yet intuitive search functionality where the general public can search for the product or service they are looking for and find it with ease.

What We Do

We prioritize the needs of the companies in our community, which is why we don't oversaturate our interface with specific or recurring products. We use a simple algorithm that allows for businesses to get set up, post their product, and allow the Hive to work its magic without any hidden fees. It's straightforward, easy to use, and the next step towards the success of local businesses.

One Community, Together

Creating a community is not about monetary gain, but about bringing together the brilliant minds of our society to boost and streamline the online presence of local businesses. Our vision is simple: we want to bring local businesses to the forefront of their respective markets and allow our communities to find what they need locally. We believe local businesses are the backbone of our economy, and with our system, the process of doing so will be streamlined, affordable and honest.

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